About Us

BidOnMyTrip.com is an online travel comparison marketplace that is disrupting the vacation travel market. By redefining the way that consumers like you interact with, compare offers, and purchase vacations from independent travel agents, BidOnMyTrip is able to give you access to savings of up to 40%, while simultaneously helping independent agents to more efficiently compete with online travel agencies and demonstrate their tremendous value to you.

While BidOnMyTrip is completely free to consumers, travel agents do pay a small fee based on the sales they make from consumers using our site.

Our History

Like many of you, our founder was accustomed to spending numerous hours researching fares across tons of online travel agencies to find the best price and available offers. Most of the time, what he found was that after digging through "potential bonuses", he was finding nearly the same price from all the sites he searched. With some research, he learned that due to pricing and marketing restrictions imposed by cruise lines, tour operators and resorts; online travel agencies were highly limited in the prices they could market online. 

While taking a transatlantic cruise, he began chatting with another traveler. This traveler said that they always used an independent travel agent for their cruise bookings and that doing so had actually saved him the most money. Surprised by this information, for his next trip he not only compared prices online but also reached out to a couple independent travel agents. While the process was very time consuming, this time he made his booking with an independent agent.

Not only was the agent able to save him 15% off the best fare using a "hidden savings", but when the price dropped a month later, she called him and let him know that she had saved him even more. Beyond that, the agent had prepared recommendations for excursions at each of the ports of calls and for her favorite onboard specialty restaurants. While the savings and expertise offered were great, the agent's true value came to light when during the trip there was an emergency back home.

After contacting the cruise line to coordinate the needed changes in his travel plans, he was told that it would be best for him to call his travel agent to solve the problem. He contacted the agent about the emergency. After understanding what was needed, the agent told him to relax and that she would organize his way home. Hours later, she updated him with his disembarkation details, transfer to the airport, and flight details home. Furthermore, she let him know that despite him not having purchased travel insurance, the costs he was incurring to get home would likely be reimbursed due to the protections offered by the credit card he had used to pay for the original booking. 

Not everyone gets so lucky to have a great independent agent on their side.

BidOnMyTrip.com was born out of our founders' realization that travel agents can make a great trip become amazing, while actually saving money. We invite you to experience the best that travel has to offer by submitting your next vacation request with us.