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  • How does my Membership Work?
  • How does make money?
  • How can agents offer me their hidden prices?
  • Why are the prices available on your site so much less?
  • What are "published" and "hidden" fares?
  • Why does BidOnMyTrip encourage the use of travel agents?
  • Where is your network of travel advisors located?
  • Shouldn't I be able to get best prices on online marketplace like Priceline, Expedia, etc.?
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Preparing For Your Vacation

  • Can you help arrange my travel visas?
  • Should I purchase travel insurance?
  • What vaccinations are recommended for my vacation?

Agent Profile

  • Who are the agents that are responding to my offer?
  • How do I contact an Agent?


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  • How do I Add and Manage my Addresses?
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  • What are Traveler Discounts and How do I manage them?
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