Fees and Charges

For Consumers & Travelers

BidOnMyTrip is 100% free for consumers & travelers. At no cost, travelers may sign up, post a vacation request, recieve offers from travel agents, discuss their travel needs, securely transmit their traveler details, select a specific travel agents offer, and securely transmit their payment details.

For Travel Agencies

BidOnMyTrip is free to signup, create a profile, receive vacation request notifications, place an offer for a vacation request, discuss details with travelers, and obtain traveler details to hold a vacation for a traveler. However, when your offer is accepted, a fee will be accessed based on the cost of the vacation purchased.

The BidOnMyTrip platform and communities is built on trust. While we have attempted to simplify the process for identifying purchases made within the community, fundamentally we are confident that agents and travelers will report any purchase made on the site. When an agent or consumer report a sale, a request for confirmation is sent to the other party. We have put this process in place in order to ensure that you are never overcharged due to an error on either parties side. If our administrators find that agencies or their agents are often misreporting their sales, these agencies and their agents will have their account privelidges removed.

Agencies may opt between a variable fee based on the type of vacation product purchased or a simplified fee charged on the entire vacation cost. 

  Option 1   Option 2  

  Variable Rate

  • Taxes / Port Fees / NCF                  0% Fee
  • Cruise or Tour Price                         3% Fee
  • Hotel Price                                          2% Fee
  • Air Travel                                              0.5% Fee
  • Travel Insurance                               3% Fee
  • Excursions                                          3% Fee

  Fixed Rate

  • 2.5% Fee on the total traveler's purchase.

        This includes all taxes, port charges, and NCFs.



We understand that most operators only pay commission in the month of the vacations departure. As your parter, we do not charge our fee until the month of the vacations departure. We hope that this will help your agency to manage their cash flow better. 

For agencies which sell more than $250,000 within our community per month, you may contact us via the support section to request access to our automated bid APIs and negotiate a high-volume rate discount.